A Vision at the Turn of the 21st Century
The grounds of Historic Elmwood Cemetery had been allowed to deteriorate over time. Encouraged by the City of Winnipeg and the Province of Manitoba, a small but concerned group of private citizens resolved to bring the Cemetery back to its original dignity and grace.

They shared an intensely personal interest in Elmwood Cemetery – with a father, mother, brother, friend or mentor buried there. They formed a not-for-profit organization, “The Friends of Elmwood Cemetery Incorporated” In 1998, the “Friends” acquired the property from the absentee land ownwer, took over ownership and created a future vision for Historic Elmwood Cemetery.

The First Objective

To Restore Elmwood Cemetery to it’s Former Glory and Maintain the Appearance of the Cemetery by creating an exciting and sustainable Plan for the Future
As part of an extensive reforestation program, replacement of numerous century-old trees lost to disease is now in progress. An effective grounds maintenance program is in full operation and the progress of change has been continuous and extremely positive.

The original entrance off Henderson Highway has been closed to vehicular traffic and is now the site of Henderson Gate Memorial Garden. For those who prefer in-ground interment, space is still available, although somewhat limited. Recognizing that ash burials have become the preference of the majority of people today globally, Henderson Gate Memorial Garden now provides an alternative to traditional burial. Within the massive iron gates, classically designed columbaria offer ash niches within distinctive monuments that dignify and commemorate the human spirit. Benches situated along a gently winding walkway, provide a reflective spot where people can visit their loved ones within a secure and naturally beautiful surrounding. A discreet garden shrub and perennial garden provides year-round beauty and peaceful solitude. Henderson Gate Memorial Garden is an integral part of the Elmwood Cemetery grounds, welcoming people of all faiths.

The Second Objective

Make Historic Elmwood Cemetery Financially Self-Sufficient
An endowed fund has been established with The Winnipeg Foundation, who receives and manages donations to The Friends of Elmwood Cemetery Perpetual Care Fund. Our heartfelt thanks to the many donors, public, family & corporate who have helped us raise close to $5 Million to date. The Friends of Elmwood Cemetery Inc. will vigorously continue to raise the much needed and necessary funds and the interest from this endowed fund will allow us to continue to provide the highest standard of perpetual care for many generations to come. We are confident that our plan will ensure that Historic Elmwood Cemetery will never again be allowed to decline.

The Third Objective

Communicate with Family and Friends
The Friends of Elmwood Cemetery are very interested in reconnecting with the family and friends of those gone before by collecting the stories or remembrances of family members and friends interred at Historic Elmwood Cemetery.